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Sofia Polgar: Amazing Artist - Dangerous Tactician

11.900 Ft (11.333 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: K043
A Truly Unique Chess Book

The chess triumphs of the Polgar sisters are legendary. Now, in this very special book, Sofia Polgar tells her own exceptional story: from her development as a prodigy and remarkable tournament successes to her eventually settling down, with chess occupying a lesser role as she raised a family.
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11.900 Ft (11.333 Ft + ÁFA)


Sofia presents many of her games, each with her own brand of fireworks. Clear, straightforward annotations allow the reader to appreciate her accomplishments on the board, while her many personal memoirs complete the picture away from the board.

There are many photographs, many of which have never been previously published. They complement the chronicle of her meteoric rise in the chess world and her loving family who encouraged her at every turn.

What is not generally known is that Sofia Polgar is also a gifted artist – a talented painter. Dozens of examples of her brilliant creativity on canvas are featured throughout this large-format book. These paintings are presented in full color and on special matte paper to enhance the reader’s viewing enjoyment.

From Susan Polgar’s Foreword: "You are invited to enjoy the experience of the wonderful legacy of Sofia’s amazing chess career and art."

From Judit Polgar’s Foreword: "I wish the readers a pleasant journey on this artistic excursion that provides great chess lessons while also offering nourishment for the soul."

Sofia Polgar: Amazing Artist – Dangerous Tactician is part autobiography, part art gallery, and part tactical textbook, but above all, it is an exceptional, unique look at the life and games of an artist both on and off the board.


Kiadó Russell Enterprises, Inc.
Kiadás éve 2023
Borító puha kötés
Oldalak száma 288
ISBN 978-1949859591
Súly 510 gramm
Méret 250x180x20 mm (H-SZ-M)


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